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Table 1 ApcMin+/ and selected related genetically altered mouse models of intestinal neoplasia

From: Apc-related models of intestinal neoplasia: a brief review for pathologists

Model Predominant Tumor Locations Neoplasm Average number of tumors per mouse Other lesions Reference
Apc Min+ /− Small intestine > colon Adenoma 30   Moser et al. 1990 (Moser et al., 1995)
Apc 1638N/+ Small intestine and colon; more in colon compared to ApcMin+/− Adenoma, carcinoma; rarely, liver metastasis (Fodde et al., 1994) 4 (10-fold reduction over ApcMin+/) Fibromatosis (desmoid tumors); gastric carcinoma, duodenal adenomas, cutaneous cysts Fodde et al. 1994 (Fodde et al., 1994)
Apc Δ716/+ Small intestine > colon Adenoma 254 (10-fold increase over ApcMin+/)   Oshima et al. 1995 (Oshima et al., 1995)
Apc 1309/+ Small intestine Adenoma 34   Quesada et al. 1998 (Quesada et al., 1998)
ΔN131 β-catenin Small intestine Adenoma 1 Polycystic kidneys Romagnolo et al. 1999 (Romagnolo et al., 1999)
Apc Δ474 Small intestine > colon Adenoma 122, small intestine; 1.4 in large intestine Adenomas in duodenum, stomach, mammary gland Sasai et al., 2000 (Sasai et al., 2000)
Apc 1322T Small intestine (location shifted towards proximal small intestine) Adenoma, some with high grade dysplasia 192, small intestine; 2, large intestine Gastric adenomas Pollard et al., 2009 (Pollard et al., 2009)
Apc 580S Not applicable None None No phenotype without further manipulation Shibata et al., 1997 (Shibata et al., 1997)
Apc Δ15/+ Small intestine > colon Adenoma, some with high grade dysplasia; adenocarcinoma 176, small intestine; 8.3, large intestine   Robanus-Maandag et al., 2010 (Robanus-Maandag et al., 2010)
FabplCre;Apc15lox/+ Colon> small intestine Adenoma, 17% with high grade dysplasia; adenocarcinoma (18% of lesions) 14.9, small intestine; 25.6, large intestine   Robanus-Maandag et al., 2010 (Robanus-Maandag et al., 2010)
Apc 1576 Not applicable None None Multifocal breast neoplasia, trichogenic skin tumors, osteomas mimicking Gardner syndrome Toki et al. 2013 (Toki et al., 2013)
Apc Δ14/+ Distal colon and rectum Adenomas and carcinomas (50% of lesions) 36, conventional housing; 65, specific pathogen-free conditions Mammary gland tumors; rectal prolapse Colnot et al. 2014 (Colnot et al., 2004)