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Predictive Markers in Daily Anatomic Pathology

Surgical and Experimental Pathology is calling for submissions to our Collection on 'Predictive Markers in Daily Anatomic Pathology.' In this Collection, we aim to shed light on the latest advancements in understanding and utilizing Predictive Markers to enhance diagnostic accuracy, treatment selection, and patient outcomes.

Featured Article: Digital pathology in Latin America

The adoption of digital pathology (DP) in Latin America has been hindered by barriers unique to the region, leading to limited utilization of DP technology in labs.
In this article, experts identified obtaining second opinions and remote image sharing as primary benefits of DP, but barriers like high implementation costs, lack of awareness among payers and decision-makers, and inadequate internet infrastructure impede its widespread adoption.
Revenue-generating suggestions include offering digital services, equipment loan agreements, and forming collaborative networks. Experts recommend addressing training, internet infrastructure, awareness, and alternative reimbursement models to promote DP adoption. To overcome challenges, collaborative efforts and innovative approaches are crucial to unlock DP's potential in Latin America.

Read the full article here.

  1. Authors: Aline C. M. Nascimento, Elyzabeth Avvad-Portari, Marcelo Meuser-Batista, Thayana Camara Conde, Renato Augusto Moreira de Sá, Natalia Salomao, Kissila Rabelo, Erica Stein Ciasca, Michelle de Oliveira Brendolin, Zilton Vasconcelos, Patricia Brasil and Maria Elisabeth Moreira

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Surgical and Experimental Pathology publishes essential research in molecular and cellular pathology, physiopathology, biomarkers of disease mechanisms, clinic-pathological entities and predictive response to therapy, with a special focus on translational approaches. It also brings together research addressing animal models, new and comparative methods, and case collections for specific regions or ethnic groups. The journal explores the pathophysiological and pathogenetic mechanisms of human disease, and aims to bridge the gap between molecular investigation and daily practice in surgical pathology.

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Dr Soares (1)Dr Fernando Augusto Soares is a Full Professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and Head of the Department of Anatomic Pathology at D'Or Hospitals Network, São Paulo. He received his MD from the Faculty of Medicine at Santos and PhD from the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto. He has extensive experience in pathology and is a senior investigator in several grants which have resulted in more than 450 peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals. He is a former president of both the Brazilian Society of Pathology and the Latin American Society of Pathology.

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