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Table 2 Apc-related models, other species

From: Apc-related models of intestinal neoplasia: a brief review for pathologists

Model Predominant Tumor Locations Neoplasm Average number of tumors per animal Other lesions Reference
ApcPirc/+ (rat) Small intestine and large intestine Adenoma, carcinoma Small intestine: 1.5 to 22; large intestine: 7 to 26; depending on strain and sex. odontomas Amos-Landgraf et al., 2007 (Amos-Landgraf et al., 2007); Irving et al. 2014 (Irving et al., 2014)
Kyoto Apc Delta (KAD) (rat) Colon (requires AOM/DSS treatment) Treatment with AOM/DSS induces colorectal adenocarcinoma, invasive into submucosa 9.5, males; 5.8, females   Yoshima et al., 2009 (Yoshimi et al., 2009); Irving et al. 2014 (Irving et al., 2014)
APC1311/+ (pig) Colon Adenoma, some with high grade dysplasia > 100   Flisikowska et al., 2012 (Flisikowska et al., 2012)