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Fig. 1

From: miRNAs 144-3p, 34a-5p, and 206 are a useful signature for distinguishing uterine leiomyosarcoma from other smooth muscle tumors

Fig. 1

Hierarchical clustering of miRNAs according to tissue. In this heatmap, hierarchical data of miRNA expression profiling in LM, ULM, and LMS tumors are represented, with MM samples used as a normal reference. Blue coloring indicates miRNAs that are downregulated and red coloring indicates miRNAs that are upregulated. Type color bar indicates institutional origin of the LMS samples (purple: ACCC – A.C.Camargo Cancer Center; green: LIM58 – Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de Sao Paulo) and histological classification of non-malignant tissues (LM - red color, LMA - blue and MM – ochre)

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