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Table 1 Terminology previously applied to flat epithelial atypia (FEA) of the breast

From: Columnar cell lesions of the breast: a practical review for the pathologist

Terminology Author Date
Abnormal involution John Collins Warren 1905
Adenoid cystic change of senile parenchymatous hypertrophy Joseph Colt Bloodgood 1906
George Lenthal Cheatle 1920
Hyperplastic unfolded lobules Wellings and Jensen 1975
Low-grade clinging carcinoma John G. Azzopardi 1979
Columnar alteration with prominent atypical snouts / Columnar cell hyperplasia with atypia Fraser et al. 1998
Atypical cystic lobules Oyama 1999
Flat ductal intraepithelial neoplasia Tavassoli et al. and Farid Moinfar 2003/2009
Columnar cell change (CCC) lesions Schnitt and Vicent-Salomon 2003
Enlarged lobular units with columnar alteration McLaren et al. 2005