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Table 4 Centimeters of atherosclerosis in aorta patients in each group

From: Evaluation of aortic changes in elderly people autopsied with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Patients Aids Scale (cm) Macroscopic classification of atherosclerosis
N-3939 Yes 4.5 Moderate
N-4098 Yes 4.5 Moderate
N-4103 Yes 1.8 Mild
N-4157 Yes 5.6 Moderate
N-4178 Yes 11.9 Severe
N-4196 Yes 11 Severe
N-4253 Yes 2.8 Mild
N-4292 Yes 11.8 Severe
N-4318 Yes 6.3 Moderate
N-4207 Yes 7 Moderate
N-4277 Yes 8 Severe
N-4061 Yes 4.5 Moderate
N-4121 Yes 3.5 Mild
N-4223 No 4.4 Moderate
N-3502 No 8.4 Severe
N-3510 No 5.1 Moderate
N-3566 No 5.4 Moderate
N-3570 No 9.3 Severe
N-3865 No 1.9 Mild
N-3923 No 4.1 Moderate
N-3996 No 8.5 Severe
N-4012 No 2.5 Mild
N-4308 No 3.6 Mild
N-3633 No 10.6 Severe
N-4099 No 4.2 Moderate
N-3672 No 6 Moderate